Author: Ericka Eller

I remember watching Gilmore Girls and Paris (Rory’s perfectionist friend…I shouldn’t need to explain, doesn’t everyone know all about Gilmore Girls?!) hired herself a life coach to follow her around to manage her reactivity and help her to not be so high-strung. He frequently reminded her to take deep breaths before she spoke. I thought that was hilarious and wondered “Who would really need a life coach?”. I think that became a familiar sentiment for many people. Life Coaches were for those who couldn’t cope with life. 


Here I am, 20+ years post Gilmore Girls, a Certified Life Coach at your service! I realized that Life Coaches offer guidance and strategy to help an individual move from stagnation to action and success. I decided to become a certified coach when I discovered that a life coach is like any other coach. A coach can help someone achieve their goals, attain desired results, and move into clarity. 


Whether you are in business, retired, a stay-at-home mom, single, divorced, or looking for a new career, finding a life coach could benefit you, especially in these areas: 


  1. You are in a life transition: The loss of a loved one, divorce, moving, a break-up, a diagnosis, a change in job or finances can leave you feeling like you are on unsteady ground and you need help easing into the transition and establishing new roots. Uncovering the new normal and creating the future you desire is sometimes easiest at a time of new beginnings. 


  1. Stress consumes you: You are often talking about how stressed you are and you struggle to remember a time when you didn’t feel stressed out. Many circumstances, especially if they involve change, create that gnawing feeling of stress and overwhelm. You wish you could manage your stress but you don’t know how. You desire peace but you aren’t sure how to achieve it with so much stress. 


  1. You desire to achieve a goal but don’t know how to start: You have an idea or a very clear picture of what goals you desire to achieve in your life but you feel unsure how to get to the finish line. You need some guidance on determining what you should focus on first in order to find success (business, health, relationships, career). 


  1. You doubt yourself: You frequently find yourself saying “I can’t” when thinking of the future (fear of the unknown) or “I could never do that”. A life coach helps you to discover your confidence by helping you to uncover the thoughts leading to self-doubt. 


  1. You want to change your profession: Maybe you have always dreamed of a particular career but you weren’t sure what you needed to do to break into that industry. Perhaps you love your current company and industry but you have felt stuck in your position and you want to move up in the company. Or maybe you are someone that wants out of your current job because what you are doing now is draining you emotionally, and maybe even physically. A life coach helps you work through some exercises that can help you determine your next steps in your career that will lead you experiencing great joy in your work. (Sometimes my clients realize they actually are in the perfect job, they just need help with perspective!)


  1. You wonder what you accomplished each day: You get to the end of most days (or everyday) and feel like you were busy but you didn’t move the needle of what you are working towards. Busy is very different from being productive. Time management is something that you desire to learn and a life coach can help you master your calendar so that you finally find time to do things you enjoy! 


  1. You find yourself constantly procrastinating: You know how it goes. You say you are going to clean out the closets, start training for the marathon, sign up for that class, or start your project that your boss is expecting you to complete by the end of the week. You want to plan that dream vacation (or start saving for it) but someday never comes. If you often find yourself stressed because you are up against a deadline and you wonder why you always wait, a life coach can help you prioritize your to-do list! 


  1. You are in the exact same place as you were last year but you wish you weren’t: This doesn’t need much explanation. You desire change. Every year you make a resolution to change your current situation. You are excited and start strong at the new year but the motivation lets up quickly. A life coach can help you build momentum and guide in the next best steps towards lasting change by focusing on who you want to become in the future and make decisions each day based on that future version of yourself. 


  1. You want to take charge of your life: You wish you could truly thrive in the life you lead but feel like life happens to you not for you. You may feel like you have arrived at your current spot through thoughtless decisions but you aren’t quite sure how to change your direction intentionally right now. 


As you can see, life coaches are a great option for you to truly experience the greatest life! Having a life coach can assist you to build new habits, learn stress management techniques, achieve a long-standing goal, succeed at business and career goals, master time management, and begin to prosper. We can even help you remember to take a deep breath. 


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