About Dawn…

You’re here! You’ve taken the first step in the search for support. You get that choosing the right therapist can be pivotal for you getting the guidance you need to thrive. You are looking for the person that will listen, comfort, and help you navigate both healing and change.

I get it. I love personal stories. I love watching individuals move from mediocrity to a place that requires courage and growth. I know that not all stories are the same. Some of you carry hurt, disappointment, perhaps even rage, but you have hope that something different may be possible for you. So, if you need a safe space to grieve and heal, I am here. If you need encouragement, I am here. If you need accountability, I am here. If you need someone that will just listen, I am here. If you need to brainstorm, create strategies to make daily life work for you, I am here.

As a Licensed Associate Counselor, I love finding out your story, your current strengths, and work with you to pivot towards strengthening the skills that need support. My skill set lends itself to uplifting individuals with family trauma, anxiety, relationship woes, overachievers, exhausted moms, etc. I love to employ mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral approaches in my endeavors with clients. My therapeutic work supports individuals, families, and couples.

I am a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) that has earned a M.Ed in School Counseling and Master of Arts in Teaching. I am warm, thoughtful, and jovial in personality. When I am not working in private practice, I love spending time with family and friends, getting a CrossFit or Peloton workout in, drinking my coffee outside, or taking time to nurture my plants in the Tucson landscape.

Ready to rewrite your story and claim the joy you’ve been seeking? Let’s chat and see if I am the right fit for you. Schedule your free phone consult today!