About Ericka…

I discovered the power of coaching out of necessity. Coming from a business and entrepreneurial background, with perfectionist tendencies that affected all areas of my life, I experienced physical burnout twice. After suffering from hormone imbalance, developing a compromised immune system, hypothyroidism, sudden weight gain, memory loss, and Adrenal Fatigue, I found that stress management and support is key.

I work with my clients to help them break past barriers that prevent them from experiencing success in their work, relationships, and health. I come alongside you to help you thrive where you are right now while looking towards the future.

Through a grace-based coaching practice that produces sustainable results and effective stress management, I can help you increase productivity, energy, and overall wellness while achieving important goals.

Do you:

-feel stuck?

-want to create new goals but need help prioritizing?

-want to improve communication?

-need accountability & support?

-want clarity & direction?

-need help moving forward?

-desire to feel less stressed? 

Contact me to create your personalized strategy for success. I look forward to helping you thrive where you are.