About Tionna…

I never thought I would be in a position to help others.  I always felt weak when I considered therapy. I grew up in a culture where you didn’t express yourself. You simply, “get over” whatever trauma or hardships you experienced. It wasn’t until I confronted my own personal experiences that I realized there is beauty, understanding and growth in healing. Also, therapy was pretty cool! My therapist supported me and helped me realize, nobody should walk the journey alone.  So, if you’ve made it this far to seek out support, I’m so proud of you! My name is Tionna Griffin, and I am a Black woman with a passion for helping people along their journey, normalizing therapy and reducing the stigma of mental health services for people of color.

I am a National Certified Counselor and a Licensed Associate Counselor with a Master’s degree in Counseling-Rehabilitation and Mental Health from the University of Arizona. My education and  professional experience has provided me the tools to assist others on their personal journey. I cannot promise this will be a “quick fix” or a “magic pill”- rather I can assure you that I’ll be dedicated to working with you to accomplish all your personal goals.

I value authenticity and vulnerability, and believe that both these things help promote a strong therapeutic relationship. As your therapist, my mission is to provide a safe atmosphere where you feel heard, empowered and accepted. I am committed to meeting you where you are, and also challenging you for optimal growth. My goal is to help you identify your strengths, utilize experiences from your past and discuss what happy, healing, and healthy looks and feels like for you! I am not a one size fits all therapist. Your journey is unique and may require a different approach than someone else.

I work with children, teens and adults who identify with the following:

  • Battling depression and anxiety
  • Processing trauma
  • Relationship and or family stressors
  • Need help creating healthy boundaries
  • Children having difficulty expressing emotions and appropriate behaviors
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • Want a safe space to talk!

Wondering if we should work together? Schedule your free phone consultation today to see if I am the right fit for you!