What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a creative and integrative approach to therapy, beneficial for all ages and for resolving diverse struggles or issues. Art therapy is facilitated by a professional art therapist that combines talk therapy and art. You don’t need to be an artist to make art or to benefit from art therapy!

Art Therapy for Kids and Adults

Art is for everyone and in a therapeutic setting it can be a powerful tool for hope, healing, and growth. For many people, engaging in something different can really allow you to authentically express yourself, which is one of the goals in therapy. In art therapy, the focus is always on the process of art-making not the finished product. Art therapy uses the benefits of non-verbal self-expression with the support of a therapist to promote emotional regulation and connection.

Art Therapy Activities

It is also diverse in use of materials, we can use anything from collage, writing, photography, painting, clay, fiber arts, drawing, or poetry. There is no right or wrong way to make art, the beauty is for you to use it however you need to. When used together with talking about your experiences, concerns, or issues, it can be incredibly therapeutic.

Art for Anxiety, Trauma and More

Both art and therapy effect the brain in various positive ways. When making art, different parts of the brain are engaged, and our natural gift of creativity is used. Creativity is how we solve problems, find solutions, relate to others, have new experiences, and express ourselves. This can help people change their outlook and safely work through trauma, pain, or suffering. Also, being able to visually represent your thoughts and feelings can be a more comfortable way to communicate. It can help us connect to our bodily senses and release emotions – have you ever felt better after molding clay? Felt relaxed from moving a paintbrush across paper? Maybe you’ve had experiences where you find yourself doodling in school, at work, or while you’re listening to someone to help you focus. Or you’ve connected with someone else’s creation and felt a profound sense of being understood. What about writing down your feelings when words are difficult? These are all examples of how it can be soothing to use art.

Get Art Therapy in Tucson

Whatever your experience with art is, even if you have none, it can still help you in your healing journey. Art is a way to express emotions, reconnect yourself, share your story, and gain empowerment. Art therapy integrates our mind and body to feel safe, whole, and balanced.