How Can You Create a New Habit Or Break a Habit?

Aug 21 | 8 min read When discussing stress management, the conversation about habits comes into play. Your habits over time (conscious and unconscious) will determine how effectively you manage your stress and that, in turn, will impact your health. They also can lend to burnout or Adrenal Fatigue when not managed effectively or intentionally. [...]

  • How To Create A New Habit: Creating Awareness

How To Create A New Habit: Creating Awareness

Aug 3 | 6 min read Habits are a weird thing. We know we have them. We know we need some. We want to break some and we want to create some. But yet, we usually only talk about habits like they are a swear word. Habits aren’t sexy. Habits don’t seem fun. This isn’t [...]

  • Scaling the Mountain of Anxiety

Scaling the Mountain of Anxiety

May 29 | 4 min read I came across this quote one day, and I have to admit, it gave me a good laugh.“These mountains you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.”- Najwa ZebianI could think of many times when I had done just that. Experiences I had carried with me and never let [...]

  • Transitioning to Video Sessions

Transitioning to Video Sessions

Apr 1 | 3 min read Updated: Apr 17For many people, the idea of getting behind the wheel and learning to drive at 16 is exciting. I was not one of those people. However, the day finally came when I needed to be taught. My two older sisters and I climbed into our family’s small, two door, [...]

  • Talking With Children About COVID-19

Talking With Children About COVID-19

Mar 17 | 5 min read “The store is out of cereal,” my three-year-old said yesterday while we were “playing store”.  Normally when we played this game, he would ask me what I wanted, and then pretend to drive to the store to get it for me.  But the game yesterday went differently. When he told [...]

  • Marriage According to Jerry Seinfeld

Marriage According to Jerry Seinfeld

Dec 3, 2019 | 2 min read Guest Blog By Soul Space Therapist, Ashlee Knapp, LAMFTI love Jerry Seinfeld’s sense of humor. He has a hilarious New Yorker’s perspective on life, and having grown up in Connecticut as a New Yorker wannabe, I appreciated it. He has made a lot of jokes about real life issues. [...]

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