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What are the symptoms of anxiety?

If you’ve ever found yourself spinning over a conversation that happened a week ago, thinking of all the ways you said the wrong thing, or could have said the right thing, or could have done something better, or… or… or…

If you’ve ever found yourself afraid to take the next step, worrying about all the things that could go wrong, identifying every possible contingency plan and preparing for every conceivable outcome…

If you’ve ever found yourself frozen, unable to move or even breathe out of fear or worry…

If you’ve found yourself feeling overwhelmed by worries to the point that it interferes with your daily functioning, feeling increasingly exhausted by your worries, struggling to sleep or experiencing panic attacks…

  ….your anxiety may have taken the driver’s seat.

Anxiety is meant to be helpful.

Anxiety is a vital physiological (a natural way the body behaves) response that is intended to support us in anticipating what’s to come. It helps us register danger, and it helps us know that what we’re doing is important. It’s rooted in our bodies, with our 5 senses sending information to our nervous system about what’s going on around us and how safe those things may be. Our nervous system registers that information, processes it and helps us determine our next steps. Typically, it looks like an increased heart rate, sweaty palms or feeling flushed/suddenly hot, becoming more attentive and on edge, alert to any sudden changes. When functioning well, this body response helps us get into action mode: get ready to move because something might happen in a minute and you need to be ready to react!

But, sometimes, anxiety can pull us away from what matters most, leading us away from the moments we’re in, and into one of two places: what was, or what could be.

Our Anxiety Therapists in Tucson Are Ready to Help

If you are finding yourself in a state of worry or preoccupation that isn’t supportive anymore (remember, it’s supposed to be helpful!), it may be a good time to talk to someone about ways to help you feel better and shift that anxious feeling back into its supportive role again.

Clinicians at Soul Space are specially trained to help you feel better, body, mind and spirit. Using a combination of approaches from cognitive (thinking/brain focused), somatic (body-based), and everything in between, our clinicians can support you in finding a balance again.