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Are you tired of yelling, lecturing, and reminding? Do you find yourself in daily control battles? Here is a secret: we either give kids control on our terms or they take it on theirs. Staying out of control battles is vital because control battles happen at the expense of relationship. During this 1-hour webinar, join Robin as she shares 4 techniques that will help you give away the control you don’t need, while holding onto the control that you do need! These tools will allow you to spend less time lecturing, yelling, and reminding – and more time having fun with the kids in your life! When kids learn that their choices affect them (more than they affect us) and that we will love them no matter how hard they make their life – great things happen!

Info about the presenter: 

My name is Robin Blumenthal, and I have been an Independent Facilitator of the Love and Logic® curriculum since 2006. I have taught over 4,000 parents and teachers these amazing and effective principles. Additionally, I have implemented these tools firsthand with our own 5 children (now ages 17-28). Through engaging stories and tried and true principles, my hope is that you will walk away refreshed, inspired, and equipped for the daily control battles you face as a parent or teacher! I have a BS in Child Development and an MA in Social Science with an emphasis in Human Resource Leadership. I serve as a Chaplain and a Pastor in addition to providing training and coaching for parents, educators, and community organizations. During the COVID Pandemic, I wrote my first children’s book, Where in the Zoo Are You? to help children of all ages discuss their feelings and learn about empathy when going through hard things.

You can reach me at; 520-245-3003;