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Understanding the effects of trauma in our life and the lives of those around us changes how we view others and interact with our world. Having a Trauma-Informed Lens is vital for the roles we play in our families, our jobs, and our communities. This 1-hour webinar will provide an overview of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma. It will introduce the original ACEs study, additional ACE categories (including the COVID Pandemic), the short and long-term impact of ACEs, along with local/national data. Understanding these principles allows us to move from asking “What is wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?” It allows us to understand both the struggles with and the power of relationships. We will also cover powerful principles including looking for the need driving the behavior, the choice of being curious rather than furious, and so much more!

Info about the presenter: 

My name is Robin Blumenthal, and I have been an Independent Facilitator of the Love and Logic® curriculum since 2006. I have taught over 4,000 parents and teachers these amazing and effective principles. Additionally, I have implemented these tools firsthand with our own 5 children (now ages 17-28). Through engaging stories and tried and true principles, my hope is that you will walk away refreshed, inspired, and equipped for the daily control battles you face as a parent or teacher! I have a BS in Child Development and an MA in Social Science with an emphasis in Human Resource Leadership. I serve as a Chaplain and a Pastor in addition to providing training and coaching for parents, educators, and community organizations. During the COVID Pandemic, I wrote my first children’s book, Where in the Zoo Are You? to help children of all ages discuss their feelings and learn about empathy when going through hard things.

You can reach me at; 520-245-3003;