Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Soul Space was birthed out of this vision for wellness….a place where people could go to find hope and healing for their mind, body and soul. A holistic approach to living the life you were created to live – without all of the junk holding you back.

Currently, we offer therapy services in Tucson, but this is just the start and only the beginning of our story.

If you feel lost, stuck and uninspired – trust me when I say that there is more to life than THIS. You were made for more and healing is possible. You don’t have to wait for a crisis, or for your life to fall a part. Sometimes its simply a lack of fulfillment in your work or in your relationships. Instead of waiting for the bottom to drop out, make the choice today that you’re worth it, that you matter, and that it’s never too late,

to change

to grow

to become

The people in your life are depending on it and your future self is waiting. Start today by moving forward on a journey of healing and growth. Discover freedom for your soul…health, happiness, connection, and purpose.