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Why Online Counseling?

Now, more than ever, online therapy is a needed resource for those with mental health concerns. The current pandemic has caused many within our global community to feel afraid, worried, and overwhelmed by the toll it has taken. Day-to-day living has changed for everyone. For many, this kind of rapid change, grief, and daily uncertainty has greatly impacted their mental health. ​

You may find yourself struggling and wondering how to get support from a mental health therapist when you are not yet comfortable or able to visit an office in person. Or you may have a mental health concern unrelated to the pandemic, and wonder how you can get support.​

Please know, you do not have to wait to get the help you need until circumstances change. Especially now, at this challenging time, we hope that if you are struggling you do not feel alone, or think you have no options or resources.

We want you to know that there is hope and help for you even at a time of social distancing through online therapy. ​

What Online Therapy Treatments Are Available?

Many therapy services can be provided online, using video or phone sessions in the comfort of your own home. While in-person therapy has been the mainstream model, online therapy has been used for decades and has been continuously improved with the help of modern technology. Over the last few years, many health fields have expanded to include online services as an option, and that includes therapy.

At Soul Space we have several therapists with different specializations, and most of these specializations can be adapted to online therapy services. Feel free to refer to our therapist pages and review their specializations. Many mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, postpartum depression, eating disorders, parenting concerns, grief, difficulty adjusting to new challenges, and many more, are available to be treated in online therapy. Feel free to contact us for a free consult to see if online therapy services might be a good fit for your specific concerns.

What are the Benefits of Online Therapy?

There are many benefits to online therapy that you may not have considered. Here are just a few:

  • Prevents exposure to illness
  • Zero travel cost
  • Many insurance companies cover online therapy similarly to in-person services
  • No wasted travel time and maximized efficiency
  • Therapist can see you in the context of your own home for more insight
  • Optimized physical comfort since you will have all you need at home
  • Those with physical limitations or live in rural areas can receive support
  • Teenagers can access appointments without having to rely on outside transport from parents
  • If someone in your family is sick and you have to stay home, you can still do a session

How Can I Get Started With Online Therapy in Tucson?

If you are interested in online counseling, you can schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation. During the consultation the therapist will ask you questions about your mental health needs, and you can ask the therapist any questions you have as well. If you and the therapist feel you might work well together, you will be sent online paperwork and the therapist will provide you with directions for preparing for the first online video or phone session. You will work with the same therapist throughout your experience with Soul Space.

If you feel nervous about getting the technology to run smoothly for online therapy the first time, do not worry!  The therapist can guide you through the process or answer any questions you might have.  The process of accepting a video call is simple and straightforward, and you may find it much easier than you expected.

What Can Soul Space Offer Via Online Counseling?

Our therapists have experience working with the technology involved in online counseling services, and regularly seek to improve the client experience. We have varied specializations and schedules to accommodate the various needs of clients. We closely monitor the progress our clients are making, and continually consult with our clients to find the best treatments that work for them.


Whatever you may be experiencing, if you feel nervous about trying online therapy services, please know that we are here to help you make that transition. We want to help you find success on your journey to hope and healing. Online therapy will not only protect our health and yours at a time of social distancing, but will enable you to maintain a high standard of mental health care all within the familiarity of your own home.

Socially distant but not emotionally distant. We’re here with you. Therapy sessions are available with session lengths that are more flexible than ever.