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What are symptoms of depression?

The loss of energy, the lack of interest, the closing in and closing off from the things that connect you to the world.

It isn’t just sadness; it’s the impossible, aching, empty heaviness of, well, everything.

When experiencing depression, people will often describe it as a “collapse” that happens inside. Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your sleep patterns, your energy levels and enthusiasm for things you usually enjoy. Maybe it’s a loss of appetite or you’re feeling generally more “down” than normal. You may be experiencing thoughts of hopelessness or suicide. Perhaps you’ve been here before and recognize the signs, or maybe it’s the first time experiencing it.

For some people, depression is intimately connected to a situation: a great loss, profound life changes, work or relationship stressors. For others, there may not be a pin-point reason for feeling the way they do, but the collapse happens all the same.

Our Depression Therapists Are Here to Help

Regardless of why it showed up, it’s changed the way you’re experiencing the world in a way that just doesn’t feel good.

We’re glad you’re here.

If you or a loved one have been experiencing the sense that life feels more depressed lately, counselors and therapists at Soul Space are trained to hold space for the pain and begin to create movement towards hope, healing and (however far away it may feel) joy.

Talk Therapy for Depression and Other Proven Techniques

Using proven techniques, we will build a relationship with you to foster healing and help you find yourself again.

The sun will rise, however long the night. – JJ Heller